Thursday, November 27, 2008

Teaching about the Ozone Hole









What's a good way to teach the Ozone Hole?

Part of a good of Science Teacher's Bag of Tricks is leading your students to the joy of making their own discoveries.

A lecture about the Ozone Hole is not near as engaging as an activity that lets you discover by yourself.

Here is the order of the Ozone Hole Lesson as I have taught it:

(1) Show a PowerPoint about the Ozone Hole along with a FollowSheet.

(2) Have your students color the Ozone Hole as it has changed over time with the Ozone Hole Activity.

(3) Here's a larger picture of the changes for you to project on your SmartBoard. Makes it easier to see while they are coloring.

(4) The most important part is to have them predict future changes in the Ozone Hole. Be sure to have them share their drawings and their reasoning behind their predictions. NOTE: They may make it smaller, making the assumption that we are making headway on reducing pollutants.

CONSIDER THIS: Add an Ozone Hole Activity to your bag of tricks!

FUN LINKS: Click here for a good tutorial on the Ozone Hole. Don't forget to explore YouTube! It's full of great educational clips, many from NASA and other sound educational institutions!

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