Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plate Tectonics Packet

My Plate Tectonics Packet is close to finished!

A week doesn't go by without an email from someone asking me when the Plate Tectonics Packet will be done! Thanks for all the interest, Teachers! You are spurring me on to the finish line!

For some reason, this Packet has been a hard one to produce. I know it was the hardest one for me to wrap my brain around as a teacher. It took me years to really understand what was important to teach and to find good, active learning type activities for teaching it.

I know that's why so many of you are interested in this Packet. It is a hard subject to teach! Which is why I think I'm spending so much time on it. I'm trying really hard to do a good job for you.

Some of the features of this Packet:
  1. At least SIX PowerPoints! This is such a visual topic and your students need to SEE the concepts.

  2. Two major lab activities: One on Wegener and Drifting Continents and one on the concept of Plate Boundaries. Of course, there are many other labs and activities, too.

  3. At least THREE Foldables! Two for Plate Boundaries--take your pick which one you use. And the famous Earth's Layers Foldable, which was always the MOST favorite one of my course. Plus I'm toying around with adding another one on Wegener's Evidence, especially since that seems to be a favorite for most state achievement tests.

  4. Complete lesson plans, step-by-step, for how to teach this topic, including what to do when

I work on this every day--getting closer and closer. I'm at the point where I wonder if I should put out a Beta Version or just push on through to the end.

FUN LINK: Visit my Teaching Plate Tectonics webpage for a "preview" of what will be in the new Packet.

CONSIDER THIS: Please email me if you have an opinion on this. Would you like me to finish before I put it on my site, including all the answer sheets, or would you rather see a beta version?

FREE PLATE TECTONICS PACKET: to the first Teacher who emails me with an answer to my CONSIDER THIS Question! I will announce the Winner here!