Friday, December 12, 2008

The Art of NOT Answering Questions

I was famous for not answering a student's questions.
They would get really frustrated; but I stood my ground. In my opinion, not answering questions is not enough. A teacher needs to do more!

I would also ask pointed questions to lead the student to his/her own answer. I believe the way to develop an inquiring mind in our young people, using science as the vehicle, is to use the Socratic Method.

NOT ANSWERING QUESTIONS is an art. Once you train yourself to do it, many benefits appear as if by magic! It tells the students you know they can figure it out for themselves, which fosters self-confidence. They start to think for themselves!

If a student expresses irritation with me, I calmly explain what I'm doing. How the easy way of just answering their questions is NOT a favor to them! How learning to see a question through to an answer all alone makes them strong. Most students end up liking this method.

Students really want us to push them to think on their own. Being successful at something that's hard is wonderful! Give your students that gift!

CONSIDER THIS: Don't answer you students questions. Ask another QUESTION!