Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tornado Season is here

Raising awareness during Tornado Season is especially important if you are teaching an Earth Science course or a Weather course or unit.

Here is a great Activity! It involves mapping the number of tornadoes that have occurred in each state for a period of 40 years. Then coming up with a consensus for a set of five Categories with which to color the map. Finally there are several questions to answer.

I would suggest putting your students to work and then start projecting some YouTube videos or other videos for them to watch as them record and color.

WARNING: I have not previewed these videos for language or too much intensity. Be careful what you show your students!

Middle School students can get quite frightened so be sure to reassure them by discussing safety rules.

Click here for the Tornado Activity.

Glacier Melting Videos

The Extreme Ice Survey has a collection of videos that document the retreat of numerous glaciers. These were produced by taking sequential photographs from the same location.

Be sure to point out that the advancing is done in winter and the retreating in summer. The retreating edge front line shows quite a dramatic change in just a few short years.

AK-03 Columbia Glacier from Cliff from Extreme Ice Survey on Vimeo.

AK-05 Mendenhall Glacier from Extreme Ice Survey on Vimeo.