Monday, October 8, 2012

Try My GeoGenius PowerPoint!

I love showing PPTs to my students! The best kinds start or end the day and don't relate  much to the lesson of the day. (Yes! That's "legal!") They're just good general interest PPTs that catch your students' attention and raise awareness of the Earth and all its Glory!

My GeoGenius PPT checks out how Geo-Savy your students are. Give them the half-page FollowSheet to be handed in as they leave the room.

You can certainly tailor the last slides to your own state! I've added a couple of Missouri-specific questions there, but go ahead and change, by all means!

Email Marcia (mjkrech at yahoo dot com) for a download of the PowerPoint and Followsheet.

And have a great time chatting with your students about all things Geology!