Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cell Phone Cheating

Be alert to the many creative ways a teen can cheat using a cell phone!

"Technology has provided students with ways of cheating that are more sophisticated than writing answers on the palms of their hands and using cheat sheets. Last summer, a member of our history faculty discovered two of his students using their cell phones to cheat on a test. The students were using text messaging to send test answers back and forth across the room. My advice is for instructors to direct their students to put everything under their desks and out of reach while taking an exam, including their cell phones. ... Cell phones with built-in digital cameras and e-mail allow sneaky students to send silent questions and answers to one another right under teachers' noses."
From I Speak of Dreams Blog

"Your first line of defense is to prepare multiple versions of the same test. This is completely free shareware. It works for all questions. You can download a copy from this site. Just click on the header on the top of the page."
From Cheating in the Classroom: What to do When a Student Copies During a Test © Dorit Sasson

Mosquito Ringtones

Hopefully, you've all heard of the Mosquito Ringtone. Go to this website for a demonstration. See which ringtones you can hear. I can hear the one for Everyone, the one for 60 and younger and just barely the one for 50 and younger.

Take the poll and let me know what you can't hear!

Students are answering their cellphones and most teachers and parents can't hear it ring!

CONSIDER THIS: High-Tech Cheating IS probably occurring in your classroom if any of your students have PDAs or cellphones! What can you do to combat it?

Volcano Flash Movies

Flash Movies are showing up all over the Internet.

Visit YouTube and search for Volcanoes and see what comes up:
Volcano Movie
Mount St. Helens

Great videos show up. Of course, you should preview all YouTube videos before showing in the classroom.

Enlarging to full screen means you can project on your SmartBoard or BigScreen.

Visit THIS PAGE and click on the Flash Movie about Volcanoes that would be fun to use on a SmartBoard. Very Interactive.

CONSIDER THIS: When Teaching Volcanoes, have flash movies running when your students enter the room and also when they are working on volcano-related activities: labs, foldables, worksheets, etc.