Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glaciers--Then and Now

Looking for a good way to demonstrate to your students that glaciers are, indeed, melting?

Check out this great lesson from Windows to the Universe, called Glaciers Then and Now.

It shows eight different Then and Now sequences. Students list glacier names, record and subtract the "then and now" years, and then record two things in the photos that are the same and different.

Email me for a copy of a Glaciers--Then and Now PowerPoint I've made to be used with this lesson. I used their nine page PDF handout of "then and now" photos. I think the PowerPoint would be more effective because the images can be projected in color and would be much larger than those in the packet.

One of the Bonus Questions at the end asks the students what they think caused such drastic changes. If you've already taught or discussed this, you've got a good check on their understanding. If this is the first in a series of lessons, then you have a good measure of what they now know about climate change, etc.

Have fun teaching about GLACIERS!