Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coloring Sheets

I loved to put out Coloring Sheets for my students to color for extra credit.

I've always suspected some of my students thought I was off base when I would put out coloring sheets as bonus work. These were high school students. High school students don't color!

But they did! They loved to color. And I was very careful with the types of coloring sheets I would put out. The sheets had to have a pattern to them. By coloring to show a pattern, I figure they were exercising both sides of the brain.

They were only worth 1 point each. You'd be surprised how many students would grab the new ones when they showed up on my Pick-Up Table. Even worth that little.

CONSIDER THIS: Try coloring sheets in your classroom!

FUN LINKS: Celtic Knot; Flower Wheel; Stars Wreath

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