Monday, November 17, 2008

Teaching about Landfills

What does a dump look like? 

Your students should understand that modern landfills are NOT dumps!
Waste is no longer just dumped on a vacant property out in the "county" somewhere. 

Show your students a good video on what happens after they take the trash to the curb. This one is from Oklahoma City:

There are state laws about how a landfill is constructed to protect the groundwater and adjoining properties.

CONSIDER THIS: Make a mini-landfill in your classroom! Do one the "right" way and one the "wrong" way! Click here for a great example of this concept. Great worksheet that goes with the lesson.

  1. This one contains a good puzzle page.
  2. Need more background yourself. Go to How Stuff Works.
  3. This site has a couple of nice videos.
  4. Click here for my FREE simple version of a Groundwater Pollution Lab.

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