Thursday, September 24, 2009

Georgia Flooding Photos

It is not every day a major Interstate highway gets closed by flooding in Georgia. Interstate 20 was closed west of Atlanta for around two days because of Sweetwater Creek flowing over it.

Click here to see many more photos!

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Martha said...

Marcia, as a Georgia citizen, it's nice to see our state getting attention. We're all sorry that it's because of a natural disaster! We are northeast of Atlanta and, while we got LOTS of rain, we didn't have flooding problems. We were actually able to see the value of a reservoir as a protection against flood waters. Lake Sidney Lanier is a reservoir that protected Hall County/Gainesville and Forsyth County/Cumming from the flooding that affected other parts of the Metro Atlanta area. It might be exceptionally eye-catching to show students the photos of Six Flags over Georgia - it's just west of Atlanta in the most Flood-Ravaged area.